La Tour de Marie

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About us

La tour de Marie (transl. From the French Marie’s tower).

The restaurant owner Bruno Chaperon named his restaurant in honor and love to his wife Mary.

Construction of the restaurant in bell tower of Saint Holy Trinity church premises started with the idea to create something new in Jelgava, exquisite and unprecedented – French cuisine.

Why is this place special? I guess the feelings generated by the old-fashioned and cozy restaurant interior.

This is complemented by excellent panoramic views of the city, Duke Jacob’s Square, Jelgava History and Art Museum by Ģederts Elias , Jelgava St. Simeon and St. Anna’s Orthodox Cathedral , Jelgava castle and tree-lined rivers, with the view of sudden floods rapids and refreshing summer water flow and the soothing coolness of winter.

Enjoying one of the most popular restaurant La tour de Marie French wines, visitors can feel really comfortable and relaxed. A special place to relax for two from daily worries and rush, maybe even one of the best restaurant in Jelgava, where express your love with proposal of marriage? Hosted a foreign guests or business partners – an ideal place for business lunches.

A place where you want to come when you feel like you want something special …

Yours faithfully,

Team La Tour de Marie